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My name is Lorraine Saipe (Athorne).

So far I have managed to have a good life having come from Sheffield in the north of England living on a council estate where your mates are mates for life despite never catching up for long periods. I have lived in the Channel Islands (Jersey), Newquay Cornwall, London, America, Turkey and now Australia since 98.

I have had my fair share of heartbreak not least my son Lawrence-Kobie’s death 6 years ago. Plus the numerous,miscarriages over the years. I am 48 years old and have just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This came about after a B12 deficiency that showed no improvement after the injections. I was sat at home when I thought I had suffered a TIA due to paralysis on my left hand side. (This was not good because I was having a glass of red at the time and I don’t like losing any wine!!)  

I went into hospital by ambulance and experienced a nightmare 2 days. I was informed very casually you have MS and you will have a spinal tap tomorrow. Then everyone walked away this was done in front of a whole ward. My boss Brian had come to visit with a coffee and we were both shell shocked. Life since March has been horrendous. It is a difficult thing to come to terms with. In fact the whole year has been a nightmare.My husband Mark and I split in January not an easy thing after 16 years together. Thank goodness we have still managed to stay good friends. 

Shit what else can happen. Going from the working out how to start a new life I had been incapacitated work wise for the previous 2 years due to what I thought was a previous back injury and now this!!


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For the last 10 years I have been working as a Disability Support Worker where I have worked for the last 8 years for Carers for You. I have worked many disabilities here and seen many things including caring for patients with Central Nervous System disorders. I have watched these people die under horrendous circumstances despite having the best care possible.

I am however in a different position I have no cash to hand to provide the care I will need. Due to the cash position I would end up in a state run nursing home years before my time. Probably lying in my own mess for up to 12 hours with the same old story we have no money and no staff. So I had my Kill Kit ready. I have experience of these places and will not be going in one!


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A friend of mine Kerry-Ann who owns She She Boutique in Redlynch where I live was shocked about this diagnosis. She and her partner Joel were actively trying to find out information for me. But this is how they are, they go out of there way for people.

Next thing I know they tell me they have some information for me.  A lady in the shop wrote a letter to me and said give your friend this. It was all about H.S.C.T and the number for the guy doing the treatment in Canberra unfortunately I am too old and not on the correct drug to qualify for the treatment. (The age they said might not be a problem). After reviewing all the medical reports he stated I had a very aggressive disease.

Whoever you are lady thank you so much the kill kit is back in the cupboard.


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That was it I had HOPE a light shining at the end of this crappy tunnel. So I did all the research looked at all the blogs of people who had or were about to get the treatment so I could be more informed joined a website on Facebook getting the update information and having any queries I had answered by smarter people than me. Got myself armed with all the information into all the various medical places doing H.S.C.T treatment and sent off all my medical information and was accepted by Dr Federenko in Russia. 


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Anyone who knows me would know I will not take this lying down not when there are other options available. So I am now in the fight for my life. As Frank Sinatra sang

"Each time you find yourself flat on your face pick yourself up and get back in the race"

In order to get to Russia I will need in the region of $70,000 Aussie dollars could be cheaper depending on the exchange rates visa's and other expenses quickly add up. Any extra funding due to the conditions of fundraising in Queensland will have to go to a Queensland Charity - so I have chosen Drs Without Borders.

Any extra funds from the English end of the campaign will go to shortfall of the medical fees in Australia physio on return to Australia and any people actively raising their own funds or are having difficulties getting their funds together.

I can assure you that there will be full accountability for your kind donations. 

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